Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Recent Happenings

Our friend Alice with her
American Girl doll, Ruthie.
We made her a doll uniform
 for her birthday.
At American Heritage Girls, the Tenderhearts (Laura and Sophie's group) have been working on their World Heritage badge. We had a party and the girls brought foods from countries that their ancestors were from. They also had collected socks and toiletries to donate to the homeless. It was a very fun last meeting before Christmas!

Kaylee's biggest fan at AHG

Some of my little Pathfinders this year. They are so cute and fun!
There were lots of yummy international treats

A large portion of our American Heritage Troop this year and the items we collected to donate to the homeless this Christmas.

Kaylee ready to go caroling with the Cub Scouts

 Tyler received some fabric markers as part of a gift from a Christmas party we attended. To prevent colouring on the wrong things, I found some t-shirts at the dollar store and set the kids to work designing there own shirts.

My zombie baby!
Chocolate covered cherries are yummy but look rather like blood when drooled down a baby's face!

Hockey Night

Grampa won the "Best Seats in the House" So the kids took turns sitting with him during the game.
Sophie's friend Quinn was also at the game so the girls shared the comfy recliner for awhile.

Gampa trying to show Tyler where the rest of us were sitting.

Eating popcorn and watching the game!

Connor received 2 tickets and a
special patch for his uniform
for selling over $1000 worth of popcorn!

St Nicholas DayI!

The stockings were "laid on the couch with care" in hope that St. Nick would soon visit there!
I made new stockings this year and I think they turned out great. They are all lined with a different Christmas fabric so we can tell them apart.
Connor lined everyone up in age order

Look what I found! Tyler should know better than to leave chocolate lying around!
Cookie helpers

Roller Skating with the Cub Scouts

Tyler had a blast and skated for the whole 2 hours!
I got stuck in the stroller again!
Go Laura Go!

Sophie, rolling along

Friends waiting for the big race

Connor was too fast to get a clear picture!

Kaylee enjoyed the Christmas tree

Happy 1st Birthday Kaylee!

Kaylee loved the candle and was fascinated by the fire.
Yummy cake!

I want MORE!

Hmm...What could this be?

Kaylee loves to read

Presents were so much fun

Happy Birthday Precious Girl!